Uzi Listening's new single is OUT NOW

Buckminster Fuller's Daydream Deferred is a digital-only release. Stream from your favourite platform, and remember to checkout our video too.

Buy the Track

If you like the track, please consider purchasing it from Bandcamp. It's only £1 and, unlike with Spotify, Apple, etc, most of the money gets back to the band. Cheers!


There are various people who've helped us out in producing this single. Thanks to Geoff Senior for the recording, mixing and mastering, as well as the guitar playing of course! Cheers to Gareth Cooper for the video and graphics, but less so for the keyboard playing. Thanks to Dave Willets for the marvellous DRW guitar pedals and general fixing of broken kit. And, as ever, thanks for the unexpected support from Chris Dalton and Gary Bonfire.

2022-07-06 11:23:03 +0100 +0100