Whip & Kitten

Full Uzi Set

Beat-Herder 2023


The Whip & Kitten

Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone

The Whip & Kitten

Uzi Listening Live in Rossendale

Sunbird Records

Horse & Bamboo

Live at The Whip & Kitten

Live at The Whip & Kitten

Lockdown Live! Vol 16 Playlist Cover

Lockdown Live! Volume 16

Playlist featuring Manchester Artists in support of Small Music Venues

Iain M Banks Video Release

[CANCELLED] Whip & Kitten

Now on Bandcamp

Number 39 Hopstar Brewery Tap

Laptops playing music

Iain M Banks Playlisted

A couple of notable internet playlists have picked up on our track “Iain M Banks”

Golden Lion Gig Poster

The Golden Lion

Whip & Kitten Gig Poster

Whip & Kitten

Sean McGinty

The Shimmer Played on BBC Introducing

Fab Cafe

Radio Lancashire Introducing Promo Image

BBC Radio Lancashire Introducing

Uzi Listening to be interviewed live on BBC Radio Lancashire's Introducing programme

Hargreaves Arms Gig Poster

Hargreaves Arms

Number 39 Hopstar Brewery Tap Gig

Sean McGinty

TDMH Played on Radio Lancashire

Joan the Wad Logo

Joan the Wad feature Uzi in Another Mix

Live at Night and Day Cafe, Manchester

Uzi’s first gig at Night and Day Café, Manchester looks set to be a good one.

Uzi Listening? Album Cover

Uzi Listening? Album Now Available

Blue Vinyl Record on Player

Mastering Complete

Joan the Wad Logo

Death Drives a Volvo, Pt. II Featured in Online Mix

Mastering Nearly Complete

Hargreaves Arms Gig Poster

Live at the Hargreaves Arms

After a few months away writing and recording, Uzi Listening are back playing live.

New Website Design Started

In the Studio

Lucis Flux / Anna Kramer Gig Poster

Lucis Flux and Anna Kramer Support

Crash Single Cover


Artisan Gig Poster

Artisan Live

A couple of tracks from the set at Artisan Rawtenstall this weekend

Sci-Fi at The Artisan Rawtenstall

Mexican jazz-rock band Troker take their bows following their gig at Barbarella's Piano Bar in Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire, UK