Whip & Kitten Gig Poster

Whip & Kitten

Uzi Live at The Whip & Kitten on Friday 11th October

Hargreaves Arms Gig Poster

Hargreaves Arms

Thursday night music at the Hargreaves Arms. Uzi play an unusual Thursday night slot at our favourite watering hole. Probably keeping it low-key and a bit more improvisational. We have painstakingly calculated that there’s a 92.4% chance you’ll be OK for work on Friday!

Hargreaves Arms Gig Poster

Live at the Hargreaves Arms

After a few months away writing and recording, Uzi Listening are back playing live. We’re looking forward to getting back in front of real people, instead of mixing desks. It’s the third or fourth time we’ll have played at the Hargreaves, and we’re really hoping the fire will be off! Expect our full catalogue with occasional improvisational detours. Old favourites such as The Shimmer and (Sunday at the) 3 Bean Maraca will be mingling with new tracks like Iain M.