We proudly present our first studio album release

The Album

“Uzi Listening?” is our first full studio album release. We spent 10 months recording and mixing ten tracks of instrumental music that we’re really proud of.

The album was recorded in live takes as this seemed the most fitting way to capture the band’s semi-improvisational approach. We kept drums & bass completely live, layering additional instrumentation over the original recording later to fill out the sound but retain the live vibe.

Most tracks were recorded and mixed at Nosferatu Studios. The track “Saddam’s Hole” is the exception. This is a completely live track from the infamous “Water Band sessions” that has come to define the band’s style and as such, we felt had to be included on our debut album.

The Band

Uzi Listening are a five-piece instrumental band from East Lancashire. Formed in 2012 as an antidote to covers bands, they have been busy writing and performing their own material ever since. It’s a hard to pin down sound. Imagine Duke Ellington creating an ensemble utilising members of The Fall, Pink Floyd & Black Sabbath then inviting them to jam with Kraftwerk. Music to rejig your mind.

2020-12-27 21:28:48 +0000 UTC